House Matters Services

Lodging - Dogs Only
Say no to cages and kennels. The dogs live in my home and are cared for as if they were mine. Your dogs can rest and relax inside or run free to play in a huge secured & locked fenced yard (100'x40'). Pets are showered with attention and affection. You can bring their doggie bed, blanket and toys. To ensure your dogs are properly and professionally cared for, I will serve only the diet you provide.

Home Visits - Most Animals
For the 30 minutes I'm in your home, I spend quality time with
your pets and attend to the house. I am available to perform:
- Pet feeding/watering
- Exercising pets
- Pet TLC (love on and talk to your pets)
- Administer oral medications
- Poop patrol
- Home Security walkthrough (bring in mail, take out trash,
adjust lights/blinds, water indoor/outdoor plants)

Overnight Visits
Just like an extended home visit but better. Lots of cuddling!

Let's get acquainted! Free initial face-to-face consultation.
Need an extended visit or something else - just ask!
All dogs must be at least 24 months old. Cancellation fee will apply for cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.

Founded in 1998
Bonded & Insured